Time Flies, Then You Die Like a Fly

You ever ask someone how it’s going and they reply that they’re busy? Sure, you do. But then they say it’s all good because busy means time flies. Do you ever think about that? Do you ever stop and think about how shitty that is?

Why would you want time to fly? Well, you would want time to go faster if you’re at work or in school, I suppose. Or in pain. Or prison, maybe. Or in any situation you would rather not be a part of. But if you find yourself in any kind of situation like that, why do it at all? Know what I mean? If you’re at your job and you want time to fly because you want to get away from it, that really sucks. If time were to fly very quickly, you would soon find yourself ultimately running out of time. That’s right – the more time you burn up, the closer you are to death.

I’m very guilty of wishing time to fly, as those who know me know. I want for time to fly until I’m doing something I really like doing, then I want time to slow down. I want more time to do more of what I like. My ultimate goal is to always enjoy what I am doing and never even think of the future because I’m so satisfied with the present. That’s why Crock of Shirt was born. When I’m working at it, I feel good. I want to feel good and make others feel good. (To be honest, I should be studying for a test right now, but I’d rather do this, so screw that.)

Speaking of fly, check out what I found squashed in our door jamb…

Fly squashed in a door jamb

A fly. What a loser! I’m not sure how long that fly has been there, but I know it’s been at least a couple years. It’s still there. I’m going to leave it, too. I think it’s pretty rare for a fly to get squashed like that, since they are so quick to fly away when even the slightest bit of a breeze threatens them. Maybe this one didn’t want time to fly, so he decided to enjoy the moment instead. He was immersed in the joy of the moment and wasn’t paying attention – BOOM! Game over.

You never know when it’s gonna happen, so do something you like doing… at least try!


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