Dirty walls

There is no reason to touch a wall. Or a window.

I wasted half of a Saturday a couple weeks ago washing windows and within two days there was a big hand smear on the glass. Why? Why touch it? Same thing with walls. Our house is fucked from four feet down on all the interior walls because of kids. They walk down the hall and drag their snotty, filthy, food-stained hands all over my walls. Why? Why touch the wall? As far as I am aware, my kids do not have balance issues, so why touch the wall?

I would never just touch my walls or windows. There’s no reason. In fact, I wouldn’t even hang any pictures if it were up to me. Well, maybe two pictures, but that’s it.

Wow, this was a really boring post. I apologize. I will do better next time.


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2 comments on “Dirty walls
  1. Steve Viner says:

    Never boring my friend.
    I too was bothered by the state of my wall. Then one day I was taking my shoes off and noticed where my hand was, after playing in the garden. Now I celebrate cleaning that spot and the bathroom light switch and the front door knob – 3 places that I, apparently, tend to leave noticeably soiled house. I prefer the dirt I can see. as opposed the the dirt I can’t see – carpet being my nemesis.

  2. crockshirt says:

    Oh yeah, carpet is something you don’t want to think about too much. Dried skin and boogers ground in. Eww. Light switches are another one, yes.

    Good to hear from you, Steve!

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