Brain Pickings

A friend contacted me last week and asked if I would meet her for coffee to pick my brain. She wanted to pick my brain about starting a business. Truthfully, I was flattered that she asked me, as I’m pretty sure a lot of people think I’m a bit of a prick. But in my defense, I am a nice prick. I was happy to meet her and let her ask whatever she wanted to ask.

First of all, I ordered a coffee. No meeting in a coffee shop is ever a true meeting without coffee. That would be silly. Secondly, I made it very clear that I am in no way an example of a raging success story. (I would also like to make clear to anyone reading this that I did not, nor do I, run Crock of Shirt on my own. Brother Kris is the other half of this. Also, Monica has a part in this. And mom, of course.) However, as we began chatting about the definition of success, I began to think that maybe I am successful on a certain level. There are definitely varying levels of success. One thing for certain is success only comes to those who try.

As the conversation went on, she asked me more questions that made me reflect on the past few years. For instance, am I concerned about what people think of me for putting myself out there with Crock of Shirt. To answer honestly, yes. Even writing this post takes a certain amount of guts. At the time of this writing, I’m a frigging 38 year old father of two who loves drawing designs for shirts and writes blog posts about how I draw. And piss. I write about piss. But as I explained to her, I am being honest with myself. I am trying to do what I love doing. I’m naturally a fairly shy person, so even setting up shop when we are out and about rattles my nerves every time. But it’s worth it to me in the end because Crock of Shirt is still alive and well. I am doing what I like doing . . . uuh . . . though I also have to do other shit I don’t want to do – but I’m hoping if I stick at it that I’ll give myself more chances for achieving awesome! And the bottom line is if anyone criticizes me or whatever, they can pretty much kiss my ass. Anyone who has ever achieved success has worked up the guts and given it a shot.

After about an hour or so, we wrapped things up and parted ways. As far as I could tell, my friend left feeling more relieved about her business idea, which made me feel pretty good, too. I certainly hope she takes a shot at it and is able to find success. Maybe someday one of her friends will ask to pick her brain about pursuing something in life.


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