My Old Bag

Well, another farewell has come along. It is with some irritation that I must say goodbye to my faithful biking hydration pack. Irritation because it wasn’t in the plans. A bit of sadness because the pack has been around for quite some time. I get attached to inanimate things.

I was gearing up for a ride a couple days ago when I noticed a minor issue. Indeed, the suspicious pooling of water on the kitchen counter was the result of a pinhole leak in my bladder. Well, not my bladder, but the hydration pack’s bladder. If it were my bladder, the problem would have been more serious and involved a lot of spilled piss. Never a good idea to spill piss on your kitchen counter.

Rather than try to patch the hole, I decided to purchase a new pack. I justified it by rationalizing that my old one had served me well for over 5 seasons of mountain biking duty. It was during the rationalization/convincing session that I stopped to think about the ol’ pack for a moment. It’s been with me not only for a number of years, but likely a significant amount of mileage (mileage for me – I’m sure long-distance cyclists can dominate my hydrapak mileage, but this is my blog, so never mind their shit). That pack had been on my back through hundreds of kilometres of trails. In fact, with some quick mental calculation, I’m sure it has travelled on my back well over 2,000 kilometres. At least. And the vast majority of that distance is trails, as I don’t enjoy the road so much.

Rain, shine, snow, cold, mega heat, frustration, pain, joy – it has seen it all. But the time has come to say goodbye. So long, old hydrapak! Thank you for the years of service and I wish you a happy and relaxing retirement.

my old hydrapak


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