Taste of Freedom

Whew! Okay. Right. I’m sitting here at my computer. I just got home from school and have a few minutes to put back an afternoon coffee. I have some studying to do, some drawing for a shirt customer, and an order of shirts to submit, but I’m going to set that stuff aside for a minute. Oh, and I should probably (unfortunately) be handing out resumes, but I wanted to get down here and write up an update.

You see, today is a milestone. Today was my last day of class in my piping/plumbing course. Tomorrow is my final exam. Approximately three hours of hell tomorrow morning and I’ll be moving towards the next phase of the unknown. Anyway, I’m not sure why I’m blathering on about this stuff, but I thought it was pertinent to my occasional writings about starting a business. The six month course that I just endured happens to be part of our business story. Perhaps it’s another piece of the puzzle that needs to be put into place before the entire picture is realized.

To be honest, it was a bastard of a puzzle piece. On one hand, it felt very much like what I imagine a prison sentence would feel like – I had to go to a place I didn’t want to go every day and endure shit I didn’t want to endure to do shit I really didn’t want to do. But the thing is I had to do something. And rather than settling for shit, I chose to take yet another chance and give myself possibility for the future. I took a chance on a chance. I took a chance by starting Crock of Shirt and I took another chance by going back to friggin school with the hope that it will pay off, which will allow me to boost up Crock of Shirt. Get it? By not settling on just anything (by just getting a boring shit job), I chose a path that will allow me the chance to build myself up. I don’t want be stuck. So I have to keep reminding myself that even though the past six months have been a prison sentence, I really am further along. (Further? Farther? Which one?)

That’s right – I will be a plumbing graphic designing pipefitter t shirt company co-owner! An interesting combination…

With that, I ask you to continue to stay tuned, friends. I’ve got some more free time coming up (in the evenings, as I’m not studying for a while), so it’s time to unleash some new designs in the next week-ish!

Interesting fact #1 before I close off here: I just completed a six month plumbing/piping course and I did not touch a single toilet. No shit!


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2 comments on “Taste of Freedom
  1. Ben says:

    Maybe now you should cut the innuendo out and just use the real name. Crock of Shit! Nice blend of all your skills now 😉

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