Artistic Revenge

Hey guys and gals! I am a negligent jackass with this blog! Yaaaaay! I’m trying to live a sort of double life and it’s a challenge. I’m playing catchup now. I wrote this a few days ago, but I’m posting it now. I couldn’t figure how to upload the photos from my phone. This post is dedicated to Meagan and Emily.

So I’m at work (construction site) today. In fact, I’m in the shithole lunch trailer eating lunch. Today sucks. I just want to be drawing. I have ideas that need to get out!

Today sucks for more than that, though. The older pipe welder I’m with seems to be in a shitty mood today, so I guess it’s up to me to put up with it. Fine. I can play. I fuckin’ don’t care anyway. I just think about drawing and keep my thoughts away from this. I also entertain myself by making faces at Mr. Grumpyprick. I will document most of them here.

Yes, this is immature. No, I do not care. It makes me laugh to act silly. Oh, I didn’t take any pictures on the job site because I don’t want to look at the time on my phone. If I look at the time every two minutes, the fucking day will drag on forever x 2. We don’t want that.

As soon as he turns his back, it’s game on. I have a varied arsenal of immature faces accessible to me when necessary. Today is going to be a salvo of devastating immaturity aimed at the back of my enemy. I started things off with the standard Fuck You, Man. It’s a classic look with biting consequences. Teeth tight to the lip and flared nostrils:

F You face

Things kept progressing, so I loaded up another one. Lick Me was then launched. Disinterested look plastered on the face is accentuated with a fat-tongue technique:

Lick me face

As the day has worn on, I noticed myself referencing animals to make faces. The first one I pulled out was Angry Rabbit. Show the teeth and chomp quickly behind the back of your target:

Angry Rabbit face

Lizard Lick came out a few times. This is one technique where you flick your tongue out and retract it immediately. Something like what a lizard might do. It’s quick and not a direct stick-out of the tongue. If you get caught, it’s simple to escape return fire by concocting a ridiculous excuse, such as you had a hair in your mouth:

Lizard Lick face

One of the more bold facial moves is something like a Laughing Hyena. The key is silence. Lean your head in the direction of the target jerk and gape your mouth open while twitching your head up and down in silent, crazy laughter. It’s lunatic, but that’s why it’s pure gold. This particular weapon came out a couple times, though was put to best use when Mr. Grumpfuck tripped on a piece of wood and went to the ground. I stood above him, towering like a maniacal god:

Laughing hyena face

Marmot FFFFF is one that is similar to Angry Rabbit, but no chomping. No jaw movement is required here. This one is done with the FFFFuck You lips + the Laughing Hyena head twitch:

Marmot Face


Basically, this is the shit that goes on when you get an artist on a construction site. I have a creative mind of my own and don’t enjoy taking bullshit from others, so I fight back with sarcasm, annoying remarks, and making faces. Then I entertain myself by taking photos and writing about it.

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