The Nail That Got Screwed

I was at work the other day (unfortunately) and I was longing for a desk and pencil and paper with which to draw. And my computer. And warmth.

But no. Of course not. Instead, I was wandering the construction site on my way to likely install a pipe when something caught my eye. I noticed a nail.

“No shit you saw a nail in a construction site full of carpenters, welders, pipefitters, millwrights, and electricians!” you might say.

But this was an oddly shaped nail. This nail had obviously been used and later removed. The shape of it grabbed me. Then I thought a bit further about what the nail had experienced: A nail has a violent life, doesn’t it? Not like a screw. A screw gets screwed, then hugs objects together in a tight bond (sounds pretty good!) A nail, on the other hand, gets randomly hauled from the bag of brethren and pounded over the head with a hammer. If it suffers a back-bending blow, it is either violently yanked out or pounded into oblivion until flat with the surface it was meant to penetrate. Either way, a nail has a shitty deal, as it’s going to be struck with a hammer regardless… it’s just a matter of time.

The nail that I noticed was obviously bent back and forth a few times. Not a clean, quick extraction. Left permanently crippled and rendered useless, the broken nail was then probably thrown on the floor to be swept up and sent to the trash. Poor thing. It never really did have a chance.

Anyway, that’s my little observation. Even when working on construction-related tasks, my creative mind is always at work.

Below: The bent nail that I saw and stopped to snap a picture. In fact, I think I kept the nail. Hmm, I had it somewhere here with me. I felt sorry for it. Maybe I’m going nuts.

Bent nail

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2 comments on “The Nail That Got Screwed
  1. marystrandt says:

    Kurt, I enjoy reading your blog. Keep your creative might working. Us non creative like reading along.

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