Seeing Steel

Being a creative person, I see things. Other people see things, too, but I might see things within things. My creative vision is constantly on the lookout. Inspiration can be triggered from anything, anywhere. My quirky sense of humour is also triggered randomly, which explains why I sometimes crack up laughing in the middle of nowhere. Fun stuff.

As I write this, I’m in a hotel room while away for work. I do not enjoy it. But one cool thing is my creative mind is always with me. I refuse to let my current job wreck my ambition to one day find success (again) in a creative, artistic vocation. Umm, or at least somewhat artistic. While on the job as a pipefitting/plumbing/?/apprentice, I have taken notice of some inspiring shit. My job has me currently piping in a saw mill and there is a lot of steel fabrication going on for conveyor chutes, etc. One day this past summer, I was deep in one of my creative daydreaming fogs and noticed some interesting designs in the steel. Kinda swirly shapes caught my attention and sucked me right in. It’s similar to finding shapes in clouds. I’m not sure what process makes the steel do this – perhaps it’s heat from welding or something. Anyway, as I looked at the swirlies, I began to notice things. I’ll post a couple pictures of what I mean. In fact, I’ll make it my mission tomorrow to scour out some more steel designs.

I have a plan for these, but I am finding it difficult to find the time to make it happen. Dammit! But if I can produce what I can see in my mind’s eye, this stuff could be really unique.

Below: This is the first steel swirly that I saw. It’s pretty messed up, so you might not see it, but I see a crazy looking monster-thing. With at least one eyeball. I’d like to redraw this thing into a shirt design like our Acid Cat. Hmm, two eyeballs looking to the right. I see two eyes and two cat-like ears, plus an elongated lower lip beneath its gaping mouth. No? Don’t see it?

monster design in the steel

Below: This one that I spotted last week is a swirly that had me stop working and risk immediate dismissal to grab my phone to take a pic. I care not. At first it looked like lava… or a flower… but then I soon saw a big gold fish jumping out of the water. See? The flower thing on the right would be the dorsal fin area. The flowy shape underneath looks like water. Again, this would make a really cool shirt design. And by writing this, I run this risk that one of you four people who read this might steal my ideas! You better not get any ideas.

fish design in steel

Below: I snapped a pic of this one today. I think it looks like a T-Rex. The centre and bottom of the picture is where the nose is. The back of the head is located up towards the middle of the picture. There is a line of teeth in the perfect location!

T-Rex design in the steel

Below: Here’s another one I saw today. I see a dragon head with a puff of smoke coming from its nose, though the smoke has been cropped out of this photo for some reason. The left side is where the ear is and the right is the snout area. I dunno, I see a dragon head. Or a uterus.

Dragon design in the steel


Below: The final one I found today was a pic I got right after lunch break. I was passing through the mill after cutting a pipe and noticed some scratches and gouges on a dumpster. I see a guy with spiked hair and very square shoulders. His head is almost dead centre of the image and his hair is vertically spiked. See? I’m pretty sure I’m going to make this a shirt design. The guy in the design looks pissed, so it will be like my self portrait! Haha!

Man design scratched in dumpster


Anyway, that’s all I have for now. That’s kind of an insight into what floats through my mind. Not all of my ideas form like this, but the more crazy ones sure do. Keep your eyes and imagination open and maybe you’ll see more crazy, too!


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One comment on “Seeing Steel
  1. Mon'sblog says:

    I see either Beevis or Bitthead in the third shot. I never did I never did know which was which.

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