Why does Crock of Shirt exist? Why get out of bed? Why bother?

At this point, because it’s fun! We have fun doing it. Crock of Shirt started out as a new path in life triggered by job loss. We wanted to take a crack at starting something that could be done as a family. And we did that! We are doing it. We are going to continue to do so.

However, we haven’t been able to reach as many people and have as much impact as we had hoped. After a few years of doing what we have been doing, we have learned a lot. We have learned new techniques, met many people, and had many new ideas and fun projects along the way. With what we have learned, the decision has been made to change things up a bit.


We need focus. One thing we have definitely learned is we need focus. Crock of Shirt, currently, is a crock. It’s a crock pot of ideas and designs – exactly how we planned it. However, having too broad of an offering, we have learned, is simply too confusing. It’s aimless. It’s nuts! We need focus! Proof that I am not a businessman! I like to draw – so I draw – but I very much need to start paying attention to what I draw and who I reach with that artwork. We are just finalizing the plan to separate Crock of Shirt up a bit into a few sections. We don’t know if this is the right way to go, but you never know unless you try!

One thing for sure is we still want to participate at the Farmers Market in Kamloops.

Okay, I don’t have a formal ending to this one, so I’ll stop here. I’m gonna go write the next blog post, which will certainly be more telling of what’s up. It might also be more interesting because I’ll include some pictures. Pictures are more fun. I’ll post that in the next couple days, friends! Stay tuned.


Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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