Focus… aim!

As some of you likely know, I (Kurt) like cars. As long as I can remember, I have drawn cars. In fact, my first word was ‘car’ – so I’m told. Sure, I like other things in life, but I’ve always loved drawing cars. So that’s what I shall do. I will draw cars. I will draw trucks, too. And motorcycles. And Kris will print them. He already said so.

As mentioned in my last post, things are on the change at Crock of Shirt. Not everything as been completely ironed out, but one thing for certain moving forward is my focus will be on drawing car stuff. Car shirts. Yup. Yes. Seriously? Yup. Isn’t that market saturated? Maybe. Can’t you think of something else to draw, man? Yup. Am I concerned that I am wasting my time?


HA! And that’s it. See, that’s the thing! Focus! That’s where the focus comes in. I need to focus on something and focus requires attention. Cars have my attention. It’s not a waste of time if I’d be doing it anyway. I draw cars anyway, so there. To do nothing is a waste of time. Laugh all you want – I’ll be happily not wasting time. Or laugh all you want anyway – it feels good!

But what about the other stuff? What about roosters with lollipop designs and fishing/hunting shirts? And mountain biking? And yoga? Well, we are going to offer those shirts, too, but they won’t be my focus. Those kinds of things will pop up here and there and be a major part of our offering at the Farmers Market. However, I am now planning on focusing on doing the majority of my written posts and how-to stuff on cars and automotive stuff.

I’m not a businessman. I just want to do something and I want to do something that I like. If I were a businessman, I’d probably be trying to sell gluten-free, made of organic hemp towels with positive, self-empowering quotes embroidered on them at hot yoga studios (don’t do it… don’t steal my idea). And Monica fed me a pretty cool idea for how to weave something of interest to car folks with this, so I’m gonna do it.

And if you’re not interested in cars and whatnot, I suggest you start because I think you should follow along.

Here we go…


Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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3 comments on “Focus… aim!
  1. Mon'sblog says:

    Wow, what a great idea. I hope it works for you. Where the hell is you ‘opt in’ button if someone wants to follow your blog? You have much to learn grasshoper.

  2. crockshirt says:

    Yes, changes are coming. An opt in will apparently be one of those changes!

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