February 3, 1994. For a car guy, February 3, 1994 was either the worst day or a blessing in disguise. On my way home from school that day (Grade 12), my first real car went out with a bang. I won’t get into details, but let’s just say I ended up in the hospital for a couple nights and my car likely got recycled into cheap cutlery. The blessing in disguise was three weeks later when I bought another car. (Actually, my very, very first car was this beauty:

That first real car taught me something. I appreciated that first car. I washed it and cared for it even if it did have a couple rusty spots. I liked the way it looked. I was proud of it. But without going into details, I deserved to crash that car. I dicked around in it too much and took stupid chances. I thought I was invincible. Maybe I watched too many car movies and car chases on TV. The madness had to be stopped! It’s as if that car had to be crashed. But no details here.

The replacement was an even faster car. But something had changed. My appreciation grew such that speed and trickery didn’t matter as much anymore (I’ve never owned anything ferociously powerful anyway). I became more in tune in my enjoyment of my car. I just liked it. I liked keeping it clean and cruising around. I like cars and all kinds of cars. I like trucks and bikes, too.

What’s all that got to do with what I’m writing here? Well, check the date. This is posted exactly 21 years after that crash. (I didn’t get my shit together for the 20th anniversary, so we’ll do the 21st haha.) I thought the anniversary of that crash (no details) would be a cool date to start up my spinoff brand called Cranky, which is a part of Crock of Shirt. Cranky is the car part, and it will feature shirts with cars and most likely trucks, too. Those of you familiar with Crock of Shirt will probably recognize the car designs available at this time… I have a couple more on the go right now and many more ideas brewing!

My first car crash

Above: My first real car met with a sudden end. Actually, it met with a full-sized van in the middle of an intersection. Oops.

My second car, all shiny and red

Above: My second car. This was after I had it painted way back in 1996-ish. In fact, this car is still in the family, as brother Kris has it tucked away in his garage.

My new logo for Cranky

Above: I even made a new logo. I’ll write a post about this soon and explain.

So yeah, this is the start of another path. The Crock website is a bit flaky right now as I try to sort things out. I probably should have gotten everything ironed out first, but I wanted to hit this particular date, so this is what’s happening right now. I’m learning… always learning. I’m going to update this blog on Thursdays, so like keeping your car a car in fine running order, stay tuned!

Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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