Thank Hank

With change comes change, so we’re gonna change some stuff! We are going to simplify some stuff with the Cranky brand. The first thing is all of the designs are going to be featured on black shirts. As Henry Ford purportedly once said, referring to the Model T – “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” Well, Hank had his reasons and we have ours, which are:
– Inventory. Things can get carried away and you start to bleed money. One offering will help clot the bleed.
– Car guys seem to wear black shirts. Or white. I prefer black. Black it is.
– I think our car stuff looks ass-kicking good on black shirts. The designs really pop out.
– Offering just black offered me the opportunity to use the quote by Henry Ford, which I think is a really cool quote (thanks, Henry).
That said, we have a couple older designs that were done on grey shirts that will need to be reworked for black. I’ll get on that and post ’em up as soon as I can!
cafe racer design on black shirt
Above: Black shirt = very handsome.

Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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One comment on “Thank Hank
  1. 16Sundays says:

    Good plan! I like it! You should work the quote into the webpage.

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