Working on Reworking

Cars can be resurrected. I think illustrations can, too. I do have one such drawing I did a few years ago that wasn’t originally designed to be silkscreened onto a shirt, so I’d like to fix it up so I can use it. At the same time, I’m working a bit on my real-life car. The difference is with the drawing and illustration thing, I actually have a clue, whereas I’ll probably end up wrecking things on the car haha.

I wrote a post about this car drawing I did a few years ago. A buddy of mine owns the Corvette and took me out for a ride one day. You can read about the original drawing here if you like. It’s a four part series:

For this series, I’ll show some key steps involved in what it takes to modify the illustration for print. I think while I’m at it, I’ll change a couple things, too. You know, just like when working on a real car, you get going and figure that while you have xxxx torn apart, you might as well throw in xxxx. Right? Huh? Makes sense. You take the old brakes off to throw on new ones and decide while you’re under there that you may as well throw on some new suspension parts, right? Totally makes sense!

Here’s the original illustration I came up with. First step is to strip it down a bit.

Vette 66

Here’s what I’m doing on my car (I wrote about it here if you’re interested). I’m not stripping it at this point, as I can’t afford a full-on resto. My plan is to fix things to get it running for this summer. First step for me is repairing the deck lid spoiler, which was loose. Also, the trunk lid pull-down motor is screwy, so it needs repair. Once this stuff is done, things can get moving!

open trunk of Camaro Convertible

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