Spoiler and Salad

Hey friends! How’s the week been? Mine has been okay, though filled with spots of frustration. Umm, frustration with having to be at work all day while wanting to work on these shirt designs! Oh well, at least I’ve got fire inside. I made some good headway this week on the latest design.

So check it out. I’m drawing a Mustang! The car that I’m using as my inspiration is a heavily modified beast that has been making the rounds on YouTube lately. In fact, I don’t think there’s much real Mustang left in that car, but whatever. My drawing is modified from the video car, so I guess it’s a modification of a modification. Much like in the spirit of hot rodding or project cars or whatever you like to call it, I like to put my own flavor into my drawings.

Here’s a little taste. Next update I will give you a full-on step-by-step!

sketch of modified Ford Mustang

On a more realistic front, I have been very slowly picking away at my real car. I guess I made an error the other night when I crossed a line. You see, I was prepping the deck-lid spoiler of my car for adhesion of mounting posts/bolts, which is going to involve the use of a two-part epoxy. The epoxy and components shouldn’t be too cold for application, so I decided to bring the spoiler into the house to warm up a bit.

I crossed the threshold.

I’ve either got really big balls or really big stupids (I was drinking beer) because I brought the spoiler into the kitchen and put it down on the counter so I could wipe it off a bit and warm up. And I did so just after my wife had literally finished wiping off the counter after having prepared supper for our soon-to-be-arriving company.


Well, I survived that little shitstorm, so here’s a picture. Spoiler and salad, anyone?

Camaro spoiler on kitchen counter

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2 comments on “Spoiler and Salad
  1. 16Sundays says:

    Funny thing, it is still in the house- on the coffee table now for four days. ‘Cause spoilers belong on my coffee table.

  2. […] the spoiler on the top of the car. It has moved its way from the kitchen counter beside the salad to the living room table back to the garage. Still not in its final location, but it is technically […]

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