Fixing the Junk in the Trunk

Slowly but surely picking away at my car has my efforts concentrated within the ass. Not my ass. My car’s ass. Specifically, the middle section of spoiler on the deck lid and the deck lid pull-down motor need fixing. I wanted to have some things buttoned down on the car before bringing it out of hibernation. Third generation Camaros and Firebirds have trunk lid/hatch pull-down motors to secure the trunk shut. Why, I do not know. Some would consider it a fancy feature. Myself, I consider it to be a pain in my ass, but that might be because I have to fix it haha. If I don’t fix it, the trunk lid can’t shut. And I’d like to have the trunk lid close to the proper depth before dry-fitting the spoiler back on so I can find its proper location. Know what I mean? Yes.

So I ordered a pull-down assembly rebuild kit from Top-Down Solutions (very fast turnaround for parts made me extra happy). This past weekend, I managed to successfully rebuild my pull-down unit with the new parts! I must say I was pretty excited to have it working. Umm, though it only worked intermittently. After some fiddling about, I discovered that my old reversing switch might be injured. So, I went back online and decided to order a refurbished switch, plus a new wiring harness. Might as well do it all while I’m digging around in there, right?

Hatch/trunk pull-down motor assembly

Above: Here are some bits and pieces for the pull-down motor assembly all cleaned up and ready to be put back together.

Unfortunately, that means I didn’t get to mount my spoiler like I had planned. Dammit. Well, if my parts come this week, I should have it all back together this coming weekend. Fingers crossed…

Here’s the spoiler on the top of the car. It has moved its way from the kitchen counter beside the salad to the living room table back to the garage. Still not in its final location, but it is technically on the car, right? Yes.

Third gen Camaro spoiler on convertible top

Above: Dusty car! Soon the spoiler shall be reunited with the trunk lid.

In the meantime, I’ve also been busy illustrating the next shirt design, which I hope to have ready shortly. This one is going to be a ’68 Charger playing dirty! Stay tuned…

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