At the time of this writing (not posting), I’m sitting in a park in the sun. Not bad. I’d like to say I’d be cruising in the convertible, but my parts didn’t arrive before the weekend. Oh well. What did arrive, however, were my new tires! This is equal parts excitement and relief, as jacking up a car to have it sit on jack stands for three days isn’t something I entirely trust. Also, jacking up a third generation Camaro can be a bit of a chore, due to minimal ground clearance. Oh, and add to the whole scenario that mine is a convertible, so it’s got more flex in it than an Olympic gymnast. For instance, with the amount of body flex it has, plus the old suspension, jacking it up sounds much like in the movie Titanic when the ship is breaking in half. I tend to get the same sinking feeling for fear of the jack slipping or the car suddenly collapsing off one of the stands. Sub-frame connectors are on my list of not-too-distant purchases!

Third gen Camaro sitting on jack stands

Above: Rattling my nerves a little, the Camaro sits on stands while awaiting the arrival of wheels with new tires.

New set of tires

Above: New tires! Heh, this is the third set of tires I’ve purchased in the past six months. It’s sick. Dammit, just thinking about it is sort of upsetting.

Newsflash! Since the time that I started writing this post (now I’m posting what I wrote above, which was a few days ago), my parts arrived and I have since installed the completed trunk lid/hatch pull-down motor assembly back in the car. Unbelievably, it works! Not unbelievable because of the parts, but because I actually managed to make it work haha. See below for the action:

It took a bit of adjusting to align the deck lid in the closed position, though. It was necessary that I loosen the three pull-down assembly bolts and find a location by trial and error. This is what happens when you don’t mark the location of something in its original position. Lesson learned. After a little bit of relocating a couple times, I finally got it. The gaps aren’t perfectly even, but it’s a third gen Camaro; it’s got gaps.

Okay, now with some progress done on the real car, it’s time to get back to my Charger illustration for the next shirt! Stay tuned…

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