Red Zed Temporarily Dead

Okee dokee (is that spelled correctly?), I managed to complete two more car designs since the last shirt issue! That’s the good stuff, right there. Unfortunately, we haven’t printed them just yet. I’m shooting for next week! One of the cars is a Porsche 911, which has historically been one of the more difficult cars for me to draw–more on that later.

For now, the big news in our small world is some major stuff happening to Kris’ Camaro, which used to be my high school car. Indeed, it is still in the family after all these years. It’s easy to keep a car in great shape when it spends most of its existence stranded in a garage hahaha. Anyway, the tired engine is presently being hauled out and is hopefully going to be replaced with something with a bit more jam. The old 305 was feeling blue … as evidenced by the blue smoke upon startup. Umm, and I’m not even sure when the last startup was.

Camaro with hood removed

Above: Third generation Camaros have lots of places to put tools when doing repairs. I wonder if they used all those tools just to remove the hood?

Anyway, Kris was going to tackle a possible fix last year (?), but I think he hit a wall when taking parts off became much like hacking a trail through a thicket. It’s hard to believe an engine actually exists under all that underbrush.

1984 Camaro Z28 engine

Above: Is there an engine in there? You need a machete to hack through all that mess.

1984 Camaro Z28 hood

Above: I’d like to make a table out of the hood, but it’ll be going back on the car to cover up whatever replacement engine takes up roost.

So that’s what’s up. Hopefully he still has some spare time left, ’cause I’ve got some new shirt designs for him to print!

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