Hair Appointment Idiot

I get my hair cut at a neighbourhood gal’s home-based salon a couple blocks away from my place. My appointment for yesterday was for 4:15. I showed up at her place just as a vehicle was backing out of the driveway. I decided to hang back to let the guy back out, then take his spot after he’d left. Upon passing him, I gave a wave and proceeded to park in the driveway. I figured since my stylist had likely escorted the guy to the door after completing his haircut, I’d save interrupting her and walk on in myself. For some reason, I didn’t even give a quick warning knock. I assumed she’d hear the door open.

Hmm, that’s odd. That carpet doesn’t look familiar … those stairs look different this time … I’ve never seen that cat here before. I know she has a dog, but I don’t remember a cat. Then again, cats can easily go unnoticed, so whatever. But now that I look ahead, the layout of her home has completely changed.

Oh shit! This is the wrong house!

No way this is happening. I had to completely go stealth and sneak back out immediately or possibly end up in a most awkward face to face with the homeowner. As I opened the front door, the stupid cat made a dart for the opening. I managed to catch him with one hand before he escaped, but he was struggling with determination to make it to freedom. We both wanted out of there, but I suspect for different reasons. So I ended up having to shove the cat away from the door, sliding him along the tile while I made my way out. I felt like a criminal. What must have then looked hilarious was I backed my truck out of the driveway and pulled into the driveway next door.

This time I knocked.

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