Because it’s 2015

We at Crock of Shirt aren’t very politically-minded folks. That said, we did make an effort this year to pay more attention and dig into it some more. It was, after all, an election year for us in Canada.

Now, I’m going to attempt to make this post as neutral as I can. Our new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was asked why he felt it was important to have a gender balanced cabinet. His initial response, before elaborating, was, “Because it’s 2015.” Speaking for myself, his response seemed to very beautifully cut through the bullshit. It felt very real. It felt so obviously Canadian! I suppose any statement can be seen as politically strategic, but I felt it was an honest, get-with-the-times answer.

As you may be aware, friends, we at Crock of Shirt have a few Canadian-themed designs. With Justin Trudeau’s response came a sudden idea for a new design! I thought it would be cool to take our existing maple leaf design and put “Because it’s 2015” under it:

Small maple leaves make up one big leaf

But the fact that the Liberal cabinet is made up of 15 men/15 women and our maple leaf consists of 252 smaller leaves (yes, I counted) bothered me. I wanted it to be more representative of the 30 cabinet members, so I set out to make a bigger leaf out of 30 smaller leaves. Heh, but that plan caved after about one frustrating hour. I just couldn’t make it work. And I got mad:

Maple leaves inside of big leaf shape

Indeed, I needed to step back and stop fighting it.

In classic graphic design fashion, along with talking to myself, I simplified. I decided to simply use 30 identical maple leaves to represent the cabinet. Equality. Togetherness. Canadian! And, of course, “Because it’s 2015” underneath.

The completed design turned out quite well.

Because it's 2015 shirt sequence

Above: Left is the screen covered in white ink on the press in the print shop. Middle is the printed shirt on the conveyor dryer, which cures the ink. Right is the finished product shot on the website.

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