Flowing With the Madness

Well, it has been an interesting few days around here at Crock of Shirt. As you probably know, we tried a bit of a different flavour and designed a shirt that was influenced by current events. Because it’s 2015 has resulted in quite a bit of attention for us. Lots of Facebook comments, likes, shares, and quite a number of purchases from our online shop! More importantly, a few of our existing designs were ordered, too.

Because it's 2015 shirt sequence

Above: You’ve likely seen this before, but for those who haven’t this is the shirt.

My mind has been blown by a few key things. I’m not sure where to start with this, but I’ll begin by saying that having our design and company name shown in the Huffington Post news the other day was quite a shock. Even more of a shock was being interviewed by the CBC news yesterday in a recorded phone conversation, which aired this morning (I have never heard my voice on the radio before). Furthermore, a local reporter with www.newskamloops.com came by to do a small business story about Crock of Shirt. What a week!

But do you know what I find really meaningful? Underneath all the sudden flurry of attention and activity, our little home-based business sent shirts all across Canada. Indeed, a shirt is on its way across the globe to Australia (this should be our fourth to Australia, I believe)! We have sent shirts around the world leading up to this point, but we now managed to send some to places across Canada that we hadn’t before. Yesterday I sent shirts from my house to Victoria, Vancouver, a few to Alberta, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, a couple locations in Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nunavut. Nunavut! And even one to Ohio!

Now, did everything go as planned? No. I can’t recall a time when everything has gone as planned. My life is not going as planned. I have to keep reminding myself that everything is a learning experience. Speaking for myself, I think I need to stop planning so much and just go with the flow. Did I plan on doing a radio interview? No way. I’m a self-conscious chicken. But it came up and I decided to roll with it and go with the flow. I do have a bit of a plan for what we are going to do next. Do I know if it will work out? Nope. No idea. But I’m gonna flow with it and see what happens. Stay tuned, friends!

Kurt addressing envelopes

Above: Here I am addressing envelopes by hand. Lefty!

Address label stickers

Above: Learning experience. I went high tech and printed our return address and customer mailing addresses on address label stickers. These flowed nicely.

Personalized notes to customers

Above: I include a personalized note with every shirt. Yes, it is done on the computer. I realize some folks feel that handwriting is more personal, but I don’t have time for that. I sign my name by hand. Besides, it’s 2015.

Stack of shirts in bags to be shipped

Above: A stack of shirts in mailers ready to be shipped. The woman at the post depot wasn’t very impressed haha.


Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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2 comments on “Flowing With the Madness
  1. Mickey Petersen says:

    So nice to read this……so personal! Good to know something good comes of these face book adds. Good luck in whatever you do!! Thanks.

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