Something Borrowed, Something New

Hey everyone! Last week’s whirlwind of attention has calmed down, so I’m working on implementing a new plan that I’ve had in mind for a while. In fact, the new plan was set in motion yesterday at 2:00 at the post office. I’ll reveal what I’m up to in the next post, which I haven’t written yet … because I’m busy writing this one first. And I have to gather some other bits and pieces, pictures, and whatnot. These things take time.

As some of you are aware, Monica had started her own line of shirts several months ago, called 16Sundays. The ideas were all hers, I did the artwork to her specs, and Kris handled the printing. Monica was off to a fine start, but got sidetracked and 16Sundays was pushed to the back burner. And then the back burner blew out.

During last week’s flurry of activity, Monica had the idea of reviving some of that 16Sundays artwork through Crock of Shirt. Seemed like a great idea to me, so we got some photos ready and quietly posted them on the site. There are 4 offerings right now for women’s shirts, but we might do some of these for guys, too. The artwork is obviously different than the usual Crock style, but that makes things interesting. Variety!

Got It camera design shirt

Do you like taking pictures?

Oh Deer patterned deer design shirt

Do you like deer? Do you like sweater patterns?

So I guess that makes Crock of Shirt a surrogate mother, right? Hmm, Crock didn’t really give birth to these things, so maybe an adoptive parent? Maybe more like a foster parent. Yup, let’s go foster.

Social Butterfly word design shirt

Are you a social butterfly?

Can't, I'm Booked book design shirt

Do you like books? Or avoiding people?

If you’d like to take a look or perhaps adopt a new shirt for your closet, check them out on our site!


Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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