Okay, so the latest Master Plan of mine is to finally try to get some of our shirts some much needed attention in California. So I sent a few shirts to California! California has a massive car culture that includes exotics, muscle, hot rod, rat rod, luxury, sports cars, trucks, stolen, the whole works. And I like to draw cars! And there are more people in California than all of Canada, so why wouldn’t I try?

Where to begin? Well, I spent a couple years working up some nerve haha. I had to wait for the right time to present itself. I didn’t want to send random shirts to random people without any meaning behind any of it, so I held back for inspiration. Several months ago, my inspiration was sparked when I got a ride in my friend’s new Porsche 911 Carrera. The car is stupid-fast, feels perfectly tight, sounds great, and looks beautiful. After that ride, it was go-time to start drawing Porsches.

Porsche 911 sketches

These are the original sketches. Purely drawn from memory with no reference, so these look a little gibbled. But these were enough to get me started!

I began sketching a few cars during work meetings several months ago. A couple of the sketches turned out well enough that it got me quite excited to work on my idea further (I’ve forever found the Porsche 911 to be tricky to draw). Even though I had gotten a ride in a new, modern Porsche 911, I preferred to sketch and illustrate an older model. Why an older one? I was heavily inspired by the Porsche 911s that are being reworked by Singer Vehicle Design in California. Those cars are restored/reworked/reimagined to be the most beautiful blend of craftsmanship, performance, and visual statement. Also, the story of fashion label entrepreneur Magnus Walker, also in California, and his Porsche restorations really speaks to me. (Hmmm, maybe if I keep plugging away and learning as I go, I’ll be able to own a Porsche one day!)

Porsche Hot Wheels toy

The closest I’ve gotten to owning a real Porsche is this Hot Wheels I bought last night.

As my illustration came together, I became increasingly pleased with how it looked – just a bold graphic of a car on a black shirt. No craziness, no mess. When Kris put down the first print of this design, it was all systems GO! Exactly what I envisioned. And so I asked Kris to print up some more shirts while I started writing letters to Rob Dickinson of Singer and Magnus Walker.

Bubble mailer with air mail tag

These shirts opted to fly instead of truck.

At the time of this writing, I imagine the shirts are nearing their destinations … umm, unless things backfire and I end up with return mail, in which case I can pretend I received some packages and I’ll open them with great excitement and glee. Or I can tuck them under the Christmas tree next month for presents to me from me. Either way, it takes a fair amount of balls to send stuff away like this. It takes even bigger balls to share all this with everyone online, but I figured you might like the story. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Sketch of Porsche beside finished illustration

Here’s the finished shirt beside the rough pencil sketch.

With that, let’s hope these Canadian shirts see their way to sunny California!


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