These Old Bones

Well, I finally blew out one of my original Crock of Shirt shirts last week. Good ol’ Skulley had become a gym shirt and eventually couldn’t escape the power of the stink.

This shirt started out as the first Rat Rod design we did. You can even see the original tags on the collar – these were before we had our own branded tags applied. This shirt was kind of a piece of history for Crock of Shirt! All rat rod-themed shirts since this one have used the same texture and colour treatments.

Sweaty rat rod skeleton shirt by Crock of Shirt

Driven to the grave. Covered in sweat, the old shirt poses for one last picture.

The Rat Rod Skulley shirt went through a life of stages. The first stage was exciting and new, only to be worn at select places. Then it eventually was used as a second favourite when a new, more exciting design came along – kind of like assistant captain. As time went on and we released newer designs, Skulley spent some brief time as an undershirt beneath my overalls when I was in plumbing/piping school (my life is a mess). The the final phase of employment for the old guy was to act as a gym shirt. It held on for quite a while as a gym shirt, but once the stink penetrated deep enough into the fibres, the situation became dire. The dire stage lasted a little longer than I had thought, but the situation very quickly went cow poop when the terminal phase began. When gym stink gets in that deep, it’s not coming out. The end was near.

The decision was made to pull the plug on Monday, November 23, 2015 at approximately 12:10pm after one final and very sweaty workout.

The post-mortem revealed that the overall shape of the shirt held up very well over the years. There was a slight rip in the neck (an odd location, indeed) and some very slight fading of the overall blackness.  The print of the design held up quite well over the years with no apparent issues of ink flaws due to improper curing. There were some cracks in the ink, but for the length of time that the subject took a beating, it still looked pretty good. In fact, for a shirt that had had its ass kicked, washed, dried, exercised in, and possibly went on a bike ride or two, it still looked quite respectable!

Ride on, old friend! You have been of great service.

Rat Rod skull shirt as seen in new condition

Loud and proud, this is what Skulley looked like when new.


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