Beware of Angry Camels

Oh dear. Seems I haven’t written in a while again. It’s not always easy to sit down to write when there’s so much other stuff going on! Christmas is upon us, so there has been shopping, visiting friends, a school concert, decorating the house, and setting up the tree. On the Crock side of things, I am trying to squeeze in new designs while simultaneously making an attempt to be active on Twitter and Facebook, plus preparing and sending out the odd shirt order.

Then it snowed and I had to shovel the stupid driveway.

I think the last time I posted something, we were just coming off our busiest burst of orders ever in Crock of Shirt history. One of the last posts was about how I was working on the latest Master Plan to send Porsche shirts to California (because drawing cars is my fave). Much like the Because it’s 2015 campaign we did to ignite the order frenzy, I purchased online advertising to try to drive sales for the Porsche shirts in California. Well, in the interest of being open and honest about our little story of Crock of Shirt, I’m the first to admit that my hopeful Master Plan completely shit the bed. As far as I know, I remain the only person in the world who has worn our Porsche design. Such is the nature of trying to start a business, I guess. I’m constantly amazed at how challenging it is to get any traction with online sales.

In my seemingly limited wisdom, I figured we could do another Canadian-themed design based on current events, similar to the Because it’s 2015 design. You know, to see if I could get lightning to strike twice. Well, we got struck by lightning, for sure. Not one shirt was ordered and we were somewhat raked over the coals in Facebook comments. Unlike the failed Porsche attempt, at least this failure provided some pretty good entertainment.

Canada is Back by Crock of Shirt

My intent with this was to be positive.

Facebook screenshot

This guy must be a camel and our shirt was the straw that broke his back. I replied with a cheeky sales attempt, but he didn’t order one.

Masochist key words: suffering physical pain, humiliation, degradation, self-denial, etc. Sounds like me. Why? Well, I am the driving force behind launching yet another design that is currently in the news and somewhat political. Why? Well, I am learning. I am determined to get the wheels spinning again for Crock of Shirt online and we need attention. And I’m kind of at the point where I’m wondering if my artwork sucks (I really, really hope not) or if it’s just tough to survive out there.

So here it is.

Trans-Canada High shirt by Crock of Shirt

In response to Canada seemingly moving towards legalizing marijuana.


Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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