Draw Like Dressup

Yup, I admit it. I will completely admit it and it may come as no surprise. In fact, some of you might know exactly what I’m talking about. No question, I loved watching Mr. Dressup as a youngster. It was one of my favourite shows.

The Mr. Dressup show gave me a warm, comfortable feeling. His “house” had a cozy corner bookshelf where the Tickle Trunk was. I wasn’t a fan of the dressing up part of the show, though. What I really enjoyed were the crafty parts! This makes sense, as I’m much more interested in making things and drawing rather than acting. Just off the bookshelf/Tickle Trunk area was his island-like craft table – so awesome! Who wouldn’t want an island-style crafting table in their house? Like, smack in the middle of the friggin house! He was always able to take random junk like pipe cleaners, pie plates, paper bags and whatnot and make a rocket ship or something. Naturally, I’d pack-rat paper bags, empty toilet paper rolls, glue, tape, googly eyes, paper plates, etc. and try to make my own stuff. Somehow my stuff never turned out as cool as his, though.

My absolute favourite part about the show was when Mr. Dressup would sit at his drawing table and draw. A drawing table off to the side of the craft table! Who wouldn’t want a friggin drawing station in their house? He made drawing look so easy. I remember being amazed at how he could sit down and draw whatever he was talking about. What really caught my eye was how dark his lines were in his drawings – they were perfect black. Then he could throw down a bit of shading like no big deal. And he’d do all this with either a marker or dark pencil with no chance of erasing! I always draw lightly first so that I’m able to erase, then darken later, which means Mr. D had bigger balls than me. There’s just no way I’m gonna straight up freestyle draw on a new piece of paper with a marker. Too much risk.

I’d say Mr. Dressup was definitely an influence on me with regards to my interest in drawing. I still draw quite a bit, but most of my time is spent illustrating on the computer. My hand drawings are more sketchy now and serve as a visual base for my digital work. What’s interesting is most of my time illustrating is spent on the line work, which is the part of his drawings that caught my interest so many years ago.


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