The Simmering Crock, Pt.1

What in the hell is going on with Crock of Shirt? The hell, indeed! Momentarily, I’ll tell you what’s up, as I have a few spare moments at the moment.

A short while ago, I wrote that I was heading back to school to continue my plumbing training. I mean, what else would I rather be doing at age 40? So yeah, I (Kurt) have been back in class since the beginning of January and my soul has been fighting it the whole way. It feels kinda like what I imagine an arranged marriage feels like; I’m forced to do it and I’m trying to like it, trying to think positively. Umm, except that it’s not an arranged marriage because I chose it. So there goes that argument. That’s just the emotional (maniacal?) artist in me standing its ground, which is just fine with me!

Anyway, back to the point – Crock and what the hell! Behind the scenes, the Crock has been simmering. I thought I was going to be doing some Lichtenstein-inspired stuff, but that plan went temporarily cow-shit. I thought I was in for a bout of creative block, then suddenly came up with some new ideas! Bicycles. Guitar. Bear. Deer.

Just to dangle the carrot a bit, I’m gonna cut this off here. Haha, to be honest, I literally just thought of a new blog post idea that can branch off this one, which is a good idea because this is getting a bit long. Also, the new idea will make a good post on its own. I’m oddly excited about what’s coming.

See in that last paragraph? See the word “branch” in there? That’d be a plumbing term for a soil or waste pipe or a kind of vent …

My computer desk

Here you can see the blending of artistry and study. On the screen are the workings of a bike illustration and an open page of notes I was writing down. To the left of the keyboard is a pile of plumbing booklets. Joy.

Another desk with plumbing booklets

Directly behind where I sit at the computer desk is a folding table that is normally used to fold and package our shirts for delivery. Now it’s holding a pile of plumbing booklets. More joy.

Loaded barbell on the floor

In an attempt to multitask, I study for several minutes, then walk over to the other end of the room to do a set of lifts, and repeat.

Stack of plumbing booklets with Farmers' Market application form

If you look closely, you can see on the top of the pile of plumbing booklets is a form for the Kamloops Regional Farmers’ Market. Indeed, I just submitted our application for the 2016 market season!


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