The Simmering Crock, Pt. 2

“Weirdism is definitely the cornerstone of many an artist’s career.”
― E.A. Bucchianeri, Brushstrokes of a Gadfly

The last post left you hanging for what’s been happening with Crock of Shirt. Well, in between studying and whatnot, illustrations have been born. More ideas have been noted and currently await my spare time. Also, we have ordered shirts in kids’ sizes, which are supposed to arrive to us around mid-February! Fancy that, as my latest ideas will work just fine for both young and old.

One of the more frustrating things about being a creator of art (or writing or whatever) is a mental block. It is feared and very frustrating. I was on the verge of a bit of a block after crapping out on my latest ideas (Lichtenstein-inspired stuff) when I started to let my mind drift. As some of you know, I had drawn a deer this past summer, which eventually became the Deer Hunter shirt. Actually, I had drawn the deer for a small contract job, then swiped my own artwork to further enhance the deer graphic that became the Deer Hunter.

Deer Hunter shirt

This is the deer hunter shirt that we have. Kind of a reverse reality thing.

Also, for the past couple of months, the need to come up with a new biking shirt was hanging around the fog, too. Hmm … Deer … Bike …

Deer + bike?

Hmm … Hmmmm …

What if I put a deer riding the bike I was currently drawing? Seems like something completely ridiculous, so why not? I frequently see deer on the trails when I’m riding my bike, so why not have the deer join in on the fun?

Deer riding a bicycle

Here is what I came up with for a deer riding a bicycle. The erect posture makes me snicker. You can see how I used the same deer, but changed the arm and legs to fit the bike.*

I have seen a few bears, too.

Hmm … Bear + bike?

I suddenly remembered I had a bear that I had drawn up a couple years ago. This particular drawing hadn’t made it out yet to see the light of day, so this would be the perfect time!

Bear holding a barbell

This illustration of a bear holding a barbell was an idea from a couple years ago that was never put to use.*

I swiped another graphic of a bike that I had drawn from yet another unfinished illustration and fit the bear to it. I truly enjoy “surgically” manipulating bits of graphics like this to make a larger whole.

Bear riding a bicycle

Here you can see the ol’ bear. Similar to the deer, I modified the arms and legs to fit the handlebars and pedals of the bike.*

So there you have it! I’ve been busy with these new graphics, plus have three more just wrapping up and another cool idea in the works. I’m really excited about these new designs. I’m not sure if they might be a little weird, but they were truly fun to draw and the sight of them makes me smile. Also, I think they will be great for both adults and kids alike. Stay tuned, as we will be printing these very soon!

* These graphics are slightly cropped and watermarked for our protection. I hate doing it, but I want to do what I can to avoid theft, you know?


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