Print Errors and Buckshot

Well, well. This is a milestone of sorts. I’d like to announce a change at Crock of Shirt. It’s probably not a big deal, nor will it be noticed by anyone. That said, I get attached to things. Yes, things. I get attached to things just as much as people, I believe.

The “thing” is the printer. Yup, our inkjet printer is being retired. It has been acting up lately and I can’t seem to fix it in a reasonable amount of time, so the ol’ 1400 is being benched. I don’t even know if it can be fixed, as I’ve removed the print head twice and extensively cleaned it at huge amounts of time wasted, delays in new designs being released, and delayed client projects. There’s only so much a guy can take before going insane. I’m holding off on taping wings to it and throwing it off the deck, as I’m sure I can refurbish it. Maybe my temper has softened in my middle years. But I promise to take video of any printer-throwing destruction if I should have a change of heart. Maybe, if things get really ugly, I’ll shoot the printer just like someone recently shot the ass off the Crock van with a shotgun. Yes, this happened. No, we did not do this, nor did we stage it…

Van shot with rifle

Yup, how many other T shirt company vans do you know of that have been shot to hell?

Why would I write about an inkjet printer? Why would I be sentimental about such a thing? Here’s why: Every shirt design we have produced at Crock of Shirt has passed through this printer before being silk screened. Every thank-you note we have included in every shirt package we have shipped away has been printed by this printer. It was one of the first pieces of equipment we purchased when we started. This printer has been a vital piece of our operation.

Inkjet printer

Our old printer is being sent to the retirement closet. It has done well, but has recently been cranky.

Thank you, old 1400. You have been a core piece of our adventure. I thank you for your service. (Spoken under my breath with gritted teeth: “even though your ink is overpriced and you ended up causing me hassle recently, you lousy piece of shit.”)

Welcome, new 1430 printer! Let’s see what we can do…


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