Wipe Away the Disarray

Note: This was written yesterday, October 5th, during my travels back to civilization from working away.

I’m on a bus right now. Like, a charter bus. I’m on my way back home from working away at my day job that I hope will not be my forever job. I’ll be catching a plane later. But that’s later. Right now I’m talking about the bus. More specifically, the windshield wipers.

Have you ever just watched the wipers? Wipers on a personal car or truck, as far as I know, move at the same time. Larger vehicles such as buses and commercial trucks (I believe) run their wipers separately. Why I do not know, but they seem to do this. It’s kind of annoying, don’t you think? I think so. I like certain things to be uniform or symmetrical, and most certainly balanced somehow. Wipers moving at separate times or at varying speeds from one to the next ruins it for me. Ruins it, I say.

As I look up through the windshield now, it seems the right wiper is running at slightly half the speed of the left one. Now, if the ratio was a solid 2:1, I can adjust for that because the wipers will meet at the top every second cycle per the left, but it appears what we’re dealing with here is something more like 2:1.33.  There’s no order to the madness! This is like knocking the planet off its orbit or something. The right wiper is completely lost to the left tone. It’s like watching a sober guy trying to dance with a drunken woman who occasionally makes her way back to him after being spun about, but ends up flailing off in a tornado-like fashion, knocking shit all over the dance floor. Madness!

Is that the designer in me that is noticing this? Am I insane? Do you see things like this? There has got to be balance, people!



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