Drifting: Part 2

As I mentioned in Part 1, my bike rides have recently given me time to brainstorm new ideas for drawings and writings. The uphill grind tends to let the mind wander, and I welcome whatever creative thoughts come in.

On the ride following my last ride, which was actually previous to this past Thursday’s ride (not this past Saturday’s ride), I had another writing idea. As I was cranking up the twisty trail through the trees, I suddenly heard a sound to my left. Thinking it was just a small creature or maybe a deer, my concern wasn’t great, so I carried on. Shortly thereafter, I heard another sound. Since this sound seemed similar to the last, which was a little too coincidental, I looked over my shoulder and suddenly spotted something flash between the trees. It took me a second to adjust, but I soon realized I had seen another guy riding his bike. For some reason, my brain thought this would be an excellent time to switch to cinema mode, thereby placing me in the midst of a chase scene in a movie. Like I said, my mind sometimes likes to drift haha.

In and out of trees, I could hear him, spot him, then lose sight of him, but hear him again. This particular trail network is riddled with switchbacks, so one single trail can actually snake near and far from itself at different locations. I increased my speed and fought through the pain as I pumped my legs to gain speed. I couldn’t tell if the other rider was following me on my trail or not (because of the switchbacks), but I didn’t want to take any chances – he must not catch me! Again, I would hear the crack of a stick or the shifting of gears and I’d spot him for a brief second, then he’d disappear. Pedal hard, look back, see him disappear in the bush – it was like in Star Wars during the speeder chase with storm troopers. There he is! Then gone in the blink of an eye, all while I’m winding over the trail, the light and dark of sun shining through the trees. My eyes pan back and forth, half focused on my trail, half scanning around me to see where he is. Was he an enemy hunter? Was he after me? Was …



Man, turn down the cinema mode and bring it back to reality. He’s just a guy out for a ride, and so am I. Hopefully I wasn’t making nutty sound effects of guns shooting or noises from my speeder bike haha. Actually, maybe I should start wearing a cape when I ride. Picture that.

Anyway, there isn’t really much point to this story other than it was just a thought that took over as I was riding. It seemed pretty cool at the time, so I thought I’d write about it. Maybe I can pull some drawing ideas from it …


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