Something Old is Something New!

Something old is something new! Uhh … some things! We have a new design that will look familiar to many of you. In fact, if you look closely, this new design has two “borrowed” elements from two previous designs and an overall look of one very popular existing design. Frankenstein? I will explain …


Meet the newest design: BREATHE

First, let me make clear that I didn’t blatantly copy my own work haha. I also have not run out of ideas. This idea is more a combination of being inspired by one of my existing designs (sounds weird, yeah) and a new idea I had – kind of a variation on a theme. At first glance, this new design looks strikingly similar to our “Grow” yoga-themed shirt. Yup, certainly is. I had an idea that I wanted to continue with that theme, but with an updated design and message. Well, the message is pretty much the same, but it’s a different word. I will explain …

The Grow design was created years ago when I was inspired by many people that I know (including our mom) doing yoga. The yoga tree pose wrapped in a tree with the word “GROW” signifies growth, life, calm, etc. Our new design features the word “BREATHE” and is very similar in design and meaning – growth, life, calm. The difference is I wanted to show the relationship between trees/oxygen and breathing. The tree portion of the design is grows outward from the lung area of the figure. Clever, hey? Hahaha.


Arguably our best seller: GROW tank top.

As far as the artwork is concerned, I thought I’d tell you what was involved in creating it. It looks like Grow. It’s not Grow. Nothing from Grow was used in this new design. The tree is the artwork from the Owl Tree shirt design that we have. The woman in the illustration is the same artwork from the Lotus design we did a few years ago. I took the tree artwork from the owl design and superimposed the Lotus woman on top of the tree and adjusted sizing, alignment, etc., then printed it out on paper so that I was able to hand-draw the leaves and “BREATHE” word. Once I penciled in some changes to branch locations, leaves, and the new wording, I brought the updated sketch into Illustrator so that I could use it as a guide for digital illustration. Drawing by hand first gives me more freedom to feel what I’m doing. It sounds artsy fartsy, but I can feel the flow of the pencil when sketching by hand. The computer is used for final illustration and any necessary adjustments.

Here’s the sequence for you:


This is a photo of my very quick initial sketch. This pile of nonsense is barely anything that can be seen as a drawing, but it’s enough for me to get the idea put down for later.


Remember Owl Tree? Look at the tree. I stole my own tree artwork to use as the basis for the new tree in BREATHE.


See the woman in the Lotus design? I also stole that artwork to combine with the tree from Owl Tree.


Here’s the stolen owl tree superimposed with the stolen Lotus figure. I am a thief. This is a photo of the printout on paper that I used as a guide for my pencil work. This technique is fun! You can see here where I changed some branches, added leaves, and created the word BREATHE. The final steps after this are digitizing, then adding shading.

As you can see, even though I did sort of recycle some older artwork, it still involved a lot of fiddling and sketching to create something new. I think the recycling of previous pieces is from my graphic design background, which basically taught me to be lazy – why draw another lotus pose when I have one available in my bank of previous illustrations? This one fit perfectly with what I was after! Also, I’m guilt-free because I originally created all that artwork from scratch anyway haha.

Stay tuned for more, friends …


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