Assy Anagram

Sears. Done. I think it was a long time coming. I used to work at Sears between my college/university days. The way things were run back then (early 2000s), I’m not surprised things went downhill. I quit Sears to go to design school, actually.

Maybe it’s because of my design background/creativity that I had a sudden idea when driving past our local vacant Sears store. I was looking at the SEARS sign above one of the entrance doors and thought it would be cool to try and get my hands on one. The one obvious issue is the letters are huge.


One of the entrance signs at our local mall. Too bad the “E” is a bit darker than the rest of the letters.

Actually, I don’t really need the entire sign. I just need a few select letters. And an electrician. And a crane. And the perfect location (my back yard?) so that I can rearrange things a bit to spell out ASS. Another option would be the word ARSE. ARSE is actually pretty funny. See below:


A big ASS most certainly won’t fit inside my house.


I’d love to have a lit ARSE sign in my back yard.

I think having a lit ARSE sign on my property would be hilarious! If nothing else, I’ve found much amusement writing this post hahaha.


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One comment on “Assy Anagram
  1. Janet says:

    Just watch the letters go missing… someone else, not you, of course… making an arse out of Sears!

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