The Resurrection

For the past 7 years, we have been regular vendors at the Farmers’ Market in Kamloops, in addition to setting up shop at a few other places here and there. Naturally, setting up shop requires hauling and moving things around. Our inventory of shirts and supplies are transported in large plastic bins, which we wheel around with a hand truck. Without the hand truck, hauling in all of our stuff would certainly make for some unnecessary pain and misery.

Our original hand truck was an orange-yellow unit that I had purchased years ago for some reason … perhaps I simply thought it was a good thing to have around the house. Anyway, it put in 5 years of service for us before problems with tire air pressure tested my patience (yes, I replaced the tube, but problems persisted ). Around that time, my son had retired from his paper route and set aside his own hand truck (blue) that he was using as a delivery vehicle. Upon seeing the spare hand truck, I decided to swap the old yellow-orange for blue! So exciting!

But, predictably, happiness didn’t last long. About one season into using the blue one, I noticed the axle or wheel mount developed a bend due to excess weight. Every market that followed, my concern would grow with the expectation that I’d lose a wheel and dump our load, drawing attention and laughter from the masses. Much like unnecessary pain and misery, I also try to avoid any sort of public embarrassment. Something had to be done!

After walking up to my back yard one recent day, I noticed the old yellow-orange truck stored under the side deck of my house, slowly rusting. Tires were flat. Poor thing. But I suddenly had an idea! I thought I’d ask Kris if he could bring it to work (Kris works at our local powder coating place — Kamloops Powder Coatings) and powder coat it! A restoration project! Unfortunately, I don’t have any “before” photos.

Check it out, man. Just check this mother out:


Sandblasted and powder coated, here’s the finished unit. Darn, I should have shined up the tires!



Here’s a shot of the hand truck under full load. I love the red axle!



The blue one. I think this will be retired.



Here’s a closeup shot of the sticker on the hand truck. Gotta represent.

We had our first market with the restored hand truck this past weekend and I must say it felt great. That truck ran silky smooth. It felt streamlined and balanced, cutting through the wind like an arrow. We looked like mobster t shirt gangsters with our matte black, murdered-out hand truck!

Finally, an enthusiastic thank you and shout out to Kamloops Powder Coatings for making our transport unit stylish again!


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