I’m easily annoyed. I notice things and those things frequently expose themselves as patterns. When I notice patterns, I sometimes pay closer attention as if to study like a scientist. I might take some of these studies further and actually document as many details as possible. Maybe I’ll even start wearing a white lab coat around the house … maybe people will then start to take me seriously.

My latest finding has actually been an ongoing annoyance. Scissors! I believe we have four pairs of scissors in the drawer in our kitchen. Why four? Perhaps this will help make sense of why four: My family has a strange habit(?) of littering scissors about the house (I’m not an accomplice to their crimes, I might add; I’m merely a witness). Anyway, after using a pair of scissors, they (wife, daughter, and son … actually, I have no witnessed documentation of our son as being one of the offenders, but I’m fairly certain he’s in on it) will leave the scissors at the cutting location. What I mean is someone will cut open a bag of rice or something, then leave the scissors on the counter. Or someone will cut open whatever at the dining table, then ditch the scissors on the spot. I’ve found scissors in our daughter’s room. I’ve seen three pairs of scissors out in the kitchen at one time, man. Not surprisingly, I’ve come across the odd time when I’ve wanted to cut something open and was unable to locate scissors in the scissor drawer because they were scattered about.

Well, I’m done. Or maybe I’m just beginning. Maybe I should study this further and take notes. I can make graphs of times and locations as to where I discover scissors about the house.

Ultimately, I’m done. I’m done putting them away. Like I’m the scissor fairy. I’m done being the scissor fairy. I’ll never touch them again. I won’t put them away. If my family even bothers to read this post, only then will they realize that I have been taking pictures of scissors for the past few weeks. In fact, I have gone out of my way to grab my phone to take photos of the scissors rather than just put them away. I won’t be an enabler anymore. And I swear if I ever do need scissors and there aren’t any to be found, I’ll buy my own special pair that I will keep hidden in my own special drawer.

Maybe I shouldn’t care. Besides, my dad always taught me to use a knife because scissors were for amateurs.

Note: I didn’t set up or plant any of these scissors. A lot of the images will look the same, but they are truly different times. If seeing this drives you nuts, maybe now you can understand why I have been driven nuts. Oh, and I didn’t write down dates or times, so the shots are random. They were taken on different days over a span of around three weeks. I’ll be more accurate next time … if I can handle any more of this madness.


Here we have a scissors on the counter beside what looks like a plastic wrapping. Notice the scissors were not put away.


Scissors on the counter again. These ones weren’t even closed after use. Notice the scissors were not put away.


Not only were these scissors left out on the counter, but the remnant of the package that was cut was also left behind. Notice the scissors were not put away.


I discovered these in our daughter’s room. I hope she wasn’t trying to cut metal washers, as indicated by the packaging. Notice the scissors were not put away.


Festive scissors! These ones were left on a place mat on our dining table. Notice the scissors were not put away.


I recognize these as a classic pair of scissors that we have had for many, many years. In this shot, they are sitting beside a coffee pot. Notice the scissors were not put away.


I can only suspect these scissors were used to cut open soy sauce packets. Tasty! Notice the scissors were not put away. Neither were the packets.


I’m pretty sure these scissors are older than me. These live in our storage room downstairs. They’re so dull they couldn’t cut air. Maybe that’s why they were abandoned.


I don’t think these were used to cut anything. No evidence of packaging anywhere. I think someone brought them out just for fun. Notice the scissors were not put away.


Totally open scissors left on the counter. I see they are beside a bread bag plastic thingy. Perhaps used to cut the bread bag? I don’t know. Notice the scissors were not put away.


Some distance left between these scissors and the packaging. The funny thing about this is the packaging is literally above the cabinet door to the kitchen garbage and the scissors are directly above the scissor drawer. I’m not kidding. 


More festive! Same location as above, but a different day. No idea. Notice the scissors were not put away.


Hmm … did someone try cutting with a knife, then scissors? Or scissors, then knife? Looks like the culprit tried to hide the scissors after use. As if I wouldn’t notice. Well, guess what? I notice! Notice the scissors were not put away.



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