Sasquatch Fishing!

As you know, we have a series of sasquatch-themed shirts, which all started with the Sasquatch Bike! design. They all turned out to be quite popular and have sold well for us over the past couple years. It has also been a really fun theme to work on!

Additionally, we have had a couple fishing-themed shirts over the years, which also sold quite well for us. Can you see where this is going?

Yup, you knew where I was going with this. You know me so well …

So I thought I’d combine the two themes and make a sasquatch fishing design. Surprise, surprise. We had also received a bit of input from people suggesting a sasquatch fishing, so that was enough for me to get into it. I had previously illustrated a bear fishing, but never did release the design, so I decided to base the sasquatch on the bear artwork. I’ll take you through the creative process:

As I mentioned, I decided to base the artwork off the previously illustrated, but never-before-seen bear fishing artwork. This allowed me to somewhat cheat a bit by reusing shapes, stance, and the fishing rod. Not that I need help drawing a curvy line for a fishing rod, but whatever. See below:


Bear fishing.

One of the people that had requested the idea of a sasquatch fishing mentioned fly fishing. I do not fish. I do not know the differences between fishing techniques. However, I did know enough to know that there are differences, so I scoured the internet for answers. After watching many videos and looking at many pictures, I decided to avoid any kind of specific fishing and simply gave the sasquatch just a rod without a reel. This protected me from screwing up any kind of technical detail with the rod and reel (I hope). Also, it’s a sasquatch–he’s in the forest and would probably use something simple like a stick, anyway.

If you look at the picture below, you can see a couple things happening here. One is the sasquatch on the left is the paddle boarder sasquatch I drew, but flipped. The sasquatch on the right is a mashup of the paddle boarder and the bear. You can see the bear’s right arm underneath the sasquatch. Oh, and the left arm of the sasquatch is from the sasquatch bike illustration. I just turned his hand a bit so that he can hold a rod instead of handlebar. Confused yet?


Mashup of body parts.

The biggest challenge I had with this character was hand placement. I was having a problem with drawing the hands and couldn’t manage to find a decent reference picture online. I enlisted the help of our son by getting him to hold a fishing rod while I snapped a few pictures. This helped immensely. I did figure it out in the end, but opted to simplify and go for a baseball-bat grip. This was another key reason I decided against a reel–getting the hands just right for the angle was a bit tricky. Baseball grip it is–It’s a cartoon, not a technical illustration haha. Check it out:


Reference picture.


Left hand, compare to above picture.


Reference picture.


Right hand, compare to above picture.


Very rough sketch of baseball grip idea.


Refined pencil drawing of baseball grip

I had previously drawn the fish years ago, actually. It was the fish we used on one of the Master Baiter fishing designs we had a few years back. You can see I also used it for the bear fishing (check back to the first picture). I knew I was going to use that fish, but drew this most ugly and hideous creature as a temporary placeholder. It makes me laugh:


Nice one. Nice drawing of a fish.

After putting it all together, I refined the line work and blocked in the shading. Line work and shading in Illustrator is my favourite part of the process. Here’s the line work and shadow shapes (in red outline):


For the finishing touch, I added a couple trees and water. Here’s the finished design:


Sasquatch fishing!

So that’s another design in the library! I hope you enjoyed this view into how this design came about. More to come …

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