Sasquatch Hockey!

Isn’t it about time? It is. It’s about time, you’re gonna say. It’s about time Crock of Shirt releases a hockey-themed shirt.

Hold on a second! I just screwed this post up. I just realized that we have released a hockey-themed shirt! Hockey Beaver!


Hockey Beaver

Starting over with this post now. I screwed up, so I’ll start again: I’ve thought about doing some sort of hockey shirt for years, but I was never really inspired enough to bother. I guess I was inspired when I did the beaver, but I don’t remember, so let’s jump ahead to this one, shall we? This one is a better piece of artwork, anyway. And this one is a sasquatch, because that’s the current theme that I can’t seem to escape.

I started the artwork for the sasquatch hockey before winter even started. I’m just finishing it now, which is nice because it’s actually hockey season … I think. I don’t know. I don’t watch hockey. I don’t play hockey. I can’t even skate. But something sparked in my mind and I had the urge to bust out a sasquatch playing hockey. Here’s how I did it (pretty much the same way I do all the other stuff, but I like writing about it and hopefully you like reading about it, so here goes):

1) One day, the idea just came to me. The creative spark lit a fire and I had to proceed. It’s exciting. That’s how it goes for me.

2) As usual, I hit the internet to look for reference pictures. This helps build the imagination flow for me.

3) Upon finding a few decent pictures, I started to see how I could go about making the illustration happen.

4) I began a rough sketch to start playing around with lines and shapes—blocking in a pose. It was at this stage that I suddenly realized the pose I was going for was one that I had basically done before! How convenient! I opened up the sasquatch skier design to see if my idea would work. Indeed, I could use the sasquatch skier illustration as a foundation for my hockey idea. Rough (very rough) sketch below:


Rough sketch. Very rough. Just light lines at this point that show where the basic shape of the limbs will be positioned. You can see rudimentary hands and feet.


Sasquatch skier on the left.

5) As easy as using a previous illustration sounds, I still had to perform some graphic surgery to make this into what I was after. At the very least, I had to flip the image and tilt the body to achieve the angle I was after. I also changed the arm positions, which then also included modifying some of the arm hair details. Compare below:


Now the skier is flipped to match the pose I wanted. I had to change the arms, hands, and slight leg positioning for the hockey image.

6) As I progressed, I moved the legs a bit so that I could adjust the stance. In fact, most of the leg hair detail was redrawn by hand or moved around to suit my exacting requirements haha. See below:


Hairy details! My usual mix of pencil over digital.

7) I think this is about when I added the hockey stick. I don’t remember exactly, but this would be the time that makes the most sense. I drew in the stick, then shifted the arms and hands to go where I needed them properly placed. As usual, I created all line work with the red lines first:


Red “under construction” line work.

8) Once all the limbs, head, and body bits were all bolted together, I went over the entire thing to tighten up the lines by making sure the thicknesses were consistent.

9) If you’ve seen any of my previous posts about my illustrations, you’ll know that I block in shading at some point. To do this, I typically print the line work on a piece of paper, then pencil in the shadows by hand. Then I take a photograph of the shaded line work and import it back to the computer to use as a guide layer. As usual, I trace the shadows with a red outline. Pencil shadows added:


Pencil shadows drawn in.


Pencil shadows brought back into the computer to be used as a guide for me to trace with red lines.

10) Once the shadows are blocked in, I replace the solid shadow with dots for shading. A bit of eye trickery, those dots … inspired by Roy Lichtenstein, which I think I wrote about once or twice before. Dots. Over the years, I have discovered a specific size and empty space surrounding each dot. Dots:


Dots for shadows.


Here is a closeup of what the print looks like on a shirt.

11) I wanted to add some ice spray coming up from the skates to show a bit of action. So I did:


Completed design on a shirt.

That’s it! The beast is playing hockey! What do you think? I hope you enjoyed this one. Stay tuned for the next one …


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  1. Janet says:

    Great post, informative and funny!

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