The Old Wheels Are New Again

Okee doke, my last post was a little grim. I’m still not a ray of sunshine, but I’ve been working on boosting my creativity again. Starting with this post. Here we go:

This post doesn’t have much of anything to do with shirts or drawing, but I’ll try to write it in a way that will bring relevance to Crock of Shirt. Besides, writing is creative, too.

As you may know, I had a 1995 Trans Am years ago. I traded it for the pickup truck that I have now, which I use to lug around our shirts and supplies (relevance to Crock of Shirt). Anyway, when I sold that Trans Am, I kept the wheels/tires I had put on it. The idea was to trade the car off with the stock wheels/tires, then sell the aftermarket ones later. Well, you may also remember that I had completely not even come anywhere close to selling the wheels/tires and ended up making a table out of them in the Crock of Shirt design room in my house (further relevance to Crock of Shirt). I even had one of the wheels/tires sitting above our fireplace for a few years.


This is shortly after I put the new wheels and tires on my old car way back in 2007-ish.


You can see here I got creative and displayed one of the wheels/tires above the fireplace in our living room. After the initial shock, I attained wife approval.


For a time, the stack of wheels/tires were put to use as a table with a glass top. Classy.

As time went on, my buddy kept hassling me to sell them. He couldn’t stand that they were sitting in the house, and that I could sell them to get a bit of cash for whatever. My argument was I didn’t really care. I just couldn’t be bothered. I considered them part of my past and accepted them as pieces of large house clutter haha. And, in all honesty, a part of me kept them sitting there just to make people mad.

More time went on. A couple years, in fact, until I had enough hassle from my buddy and finally said, “If you want to sell them for me, be my guest. I’m not doing it.”

So my buddy took the wheels out of my design room (even further relevance to Crock of Shirt) to his home and threw an ad up online. The wheels/tires sat in his basement all winter, but look what happened last week:


Sold! Here are the wheels/tires all wrapped up and ready to ship out to the new owner!

After sitting in my house for almost 11 years, the wheels/tires that once brought me joy by completely changing the look of my car have found their way to a new home. This time, they are fitted on a 2001 Trans Am. Seeing this picture that the new owner sent back honestly made me happy. I kinda miss seeing that silly stack of wheels/tires behind my computer desk as I illustrate shirt designs (relevance to Crock of Shirt), but I’m happy they are in a better place.


Here are the wheels/tires on the new owner’s car. They look as good as ever!

Enjoy your new life, old boys!

Oh, and stay tuned for more posts. I’ve been writing and getting back to drawing more …

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One comment on “The Old Wheels Are New Again
  1. Janet says:

    Less grim, more rim. (okay, I had to say that) I LOVE your writing style, and getting to know that creative mind of yours through your perspective on anything. Keep writing, my friend! Also, I bond with cars and cry when I sell them. Love a good car story.

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