Holes in My Head

I notice things. I have noticed lately that I might not be noticing things as much as usual, though. I definitely have a more engaged sense of noticing things when I’m in the midst of a creative project.

What do I notice? Things. Hahaha. Umm, it’s more as if things pop out at me. For instance, I was recently at the university here, and as I was cruising the hallway of the trades and technology building, I happened to notice the railings on the stairs. They jumped out at me. Something about the railings triggered a creative alarm in my mind.

Now, I’m not sure how long my internal alarm rang, but I think there was perhaps a full second of data scanning in my mental recognition processing department as my brain sifted through my files.


I’ve talked about Roy Lichtenstein before and how his technique with dots influenced me to use a similar method for shading our illustrations (see below this paragraph). Using the dots as shading is a printing technique, actually. It allows us to “fake” shadows instead of having to print a separate shading layer — that’s the simplified explanation. Oh, and I think it looks cool. Anyway, Lichtenstein exaggerated the dots in his paintings and painted them with a variety of stencils, some of which were aluminum. You can cruise the internet for examples of his work and even the odd photo or two of him with one of his stencils.


Closeup of our sasquatch character. Those dots are by design. I use them to make shadows in our designs. I could use a solid colour, but I like using this style.


Here’s what the dots look like when zoomed out. Not so much dots anymore. Your eye is sort of tricked into seeing a shadow effect instead of individual dots.


That’s what happened when I was walking through the university. The metal railings are made of metal with perforated holes, much like Lichtenstein’s stencils. I immediately thought of Lichtenstein, then stopped to snap a picture so that I could write a post about it.


This is the railing that jumped out at me and caused all this madness!


Railing. Holes everywhere!

But that’s not all! I was going to end this post before this paragraph, but now I can write even more! We went to Costco the other night and happened down one of the aisles to grab some eggs.

“You’re shitting me!”

Indeed, I came across even more metal dots on one of the cardboard collection bins (and I did blurt out the aforementioned exclamation). The bins are constructed of a similar material and pattern to the railings I saw at the university. The funny thing about this is I was already in the midst of writing this post and happened upon a very similar metal pattern. Once again, I stopped so that I could snap a picture to add to this post.


More dots! Holes! Dots! Costco!


Another shot of the cardboard box bin.

And that’s how I notice things. Something will be on my mind and I’ll discover similarities here and there. Interesting that I would stumble across two examples (on separate days in separate buildings) that are actually very similar to each other.

“Dammit! No way!”

Okay, I seriously need to finish this post or it will never end. We went out for a little cruise recently and ended up at one of the local wineries. As we were about to leave, I suddenly saw dots flash before my eyes. No, I did not drink too much wine! The front counter had a dot pattern in metal, and my mental alarm alerted me to take notice. Once again, I stopped so that I could creep up and snap a picture to add to this post.


Winery dots! This stuff is everywhere!

And now I shall post this before I see any more dots!

“Stairs! Make it stop!”

This is getting a little ridiculous now. We were at my brother’s (Kris) the other day and as I was leaving the back yard to head to the driveway, I took a step on the spiral staircase. I damn near fell into a downward spiral of pain. You’ll notice the treads are made of metal with holes in it. You guessed it: I stopped so that I could snap a picture to add to this post.


Spiral staircase dots!

Like I said earlier, this is how I notice things. And this subject happened to carry on for the past few weeks, which makes it kind of interesting to me.

Seriously, I’m going to stop now.

Stay tuned …

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