Crock of … Fabric?

We started Crock of Shirt in 2011. I still remember drawing the logo in our living room in one of my sketchbooks. I (Kurt) draw all of it and Kris prints it. You already knew that. If not, now you do! When we started, Monica (Kurt’s wife) handled the banking and business details, along with generating ideas. Monica is still around in Crock of Shirt land, but it’s not her primary, spare-time focus. She likes to sew and make her own clothing!

Always one to generate creative ideas and overcome hurdles, Monica has most recently been tossing around the idea of custom fabric and fabric design. You see, she has explained to me that finding certain designs or kinds of fabric can be quite challenging. She thought that perhaps we could somehow print some of my designs on fabric using our equipment, but I couldn’t really figure out a reliable way to do it. After some initial discussions, we were both interested in the idea of designing fabric, but nothing came of it and the idea (in my mind) sort of fizzled out. Little did I know, Monica must have kept investigating, as she found an online service that provides the solutions we needed – Spoonflower!

Now, I don’t want to get into too many details because I personally haven’t investigated everything with Spoonflower. Maybe I should know more, but this is Monica’s Crock of Shirt spin-off, so she can guide it however she likes. She’s the main idea person for the Spoonflower thing. I’m just the artist. Oh, and I’m apparently the guy writing the blog post about it, too. Anyway, she wanted to combine our interests by using Crock of Shirt designs for fabric that she can sew with. How it works is we set up an online store within Spoonflower, submit our designs, and they handle the rest. They print it, sell it, handle the transactions, ship it – you know the deal. It really is a fun way for us to combine our stuff!

We received our first samples of fabric a few days ago and they look fantastic!


Crock of Shirt-themed fabric! This is too much fun.


Closeup of the rat rod fabric. Seeing these designs on fabric is blowing my mind.

Not only is fabric available, but I understand wallpaper is an option. And napkins. Imagine how cool it would be to wallpaper your living room in hot rods or something! So many ideas have come to mind with this: curtains, bed spreads, throw pillows, placemats, pants, shirts, etc. It’s pretty cool to see the Crock of Shirt designs being used in a different way. And it’s giving the designs more dimension in that I get to design something, then someone else can create something else from what I originally created.

We have uploaded a few designs, but only two are available at the time of this writing. Stay tuned for more. The first one that is available is the combination of a couple of hot rods that I initially sketched back in 2009 before Crock of Shirt even existed! Quite the journey for those guys – from a pen sketch at work, then as an illustration, to shirts, to fabric, and finally a skirt that Monica made for our daughter! Check out the original sketch:


Very original rat rod sketches from 2009. History in the making, folks.

Then this artwork became a shirt that we offered in 2012/2013-ish:


Though this design isn’t exactly like the sketches above, it originated from those early drawings.

To prep Rad Rods for fabric, I had to modify some of the shading and change some details on the cars a little bit. Here’s the completed skirt with our new fabric:


A rat rod skirt! Who wouldn’t want to wear this?

Bees in Trees was originally sketched in 2016 (though I thought it was earlier, but maybe not) and is still available at the time of this writing. Here’s the original sketch from back in 2016:


Original Bees in Trees sketch from 2016.

Then this artwork became a shirt that we offered in 2016:


Bees in Trees shirt that is still buzzing around. I love how this one turned out.

For fabric, this design became Jolly Bees. I used the original flower and bees design, but added some leaves here and there to create a seamless, repeating print. Here’s Monica happily posing in the shirt she made out of the new fabric:


Absolutely stunning (so is the shirt)!

I must say, seeing these designs refreshed a bit and coming alive in a new way is pretty exciting. When I first saw the printed fabric, I couldn’t believe how good it looked. Another bonus is Monica and I are able to share enthusiasm in a common project. Take a peek at our Spoonflower shop and keep an eye out for updates (we will also keep you posted).

I’m off to go draw another sasquatch. Chat soon …

Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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