Pool Shark Sasquatch

Earlier this year, we released a design of a sasquatch riding a bike on a black shirt. He is in more of a crouched-over position, and he’s looking up at you as he rips through the trees. The angle that I drew him is as if one were looking down on him a bit from above. This is relevant information for what’s coming, so keep reading …

Sasquatch riding a bike on a black shirt.

As the 2019 Farmers’ Market season progressed, we were visited by quite a few people who have purchased shirts from us before. It’s always nice to hear updates on the shirts, and the kind words of encouragement from people. One such couple from Fort St. John came by several weeks ago. I must admit it took me a couple seconds to remember them, as we meet so many people, but I eventually came to my senses! They have purchased several shirts from us in the past and bought another one during their most recent visit that day. Upon returning home, they emailed us with a request: could we come up with a sasquatch design and print them on our shirts for their team in their pool league?
Hmmm …
Before getting back to them, I thought about it for a few minutes to let the idea sink in. I wanted to see if there was an efficient way of creating a design that could suit their team, but also make it so that we could use the design for our own shirts going forward … kind of like a two birds with one stone sort of deal. Plus, I had an approaching deadline to think about, so I wanted this to be smooth. As usual, I thought about it for a few minutes, then had a sudden idea! (I love when an idea clicks like that!) Remember the sasquatch riding a bike I mentioned above? Well, it was the pose for that piece that clicked to mind right away, and I decided to make the pool playing sasquatch come to life. I brought up one of the t shirts of the mountain biking sasquatch to study my plan. The way that particular sasquatch is drawn has him crouching over (see above) – if I were to remove the mountain bike and replace it with a pool table, the stance was pretty much set. Then I could adjust his right hand a bit to have him hold a pool cue. His left arm could then be straightened across the table beneath him to support the cue. The whole illustration would be a similar layout to the mountain biking sasquatch.
To start things off, I cruised online to find the details of what pool tables look like and how players’ bodies are positioned during play. For added aid, I had Monica take a picture me posing at the dining room table with a broomstick in my hand:

Kurt playing dining table/broomstick pool.

The first piece I remember drawing was the left hand in my sketchbook at the Farmers’ Market. The positioning of the left hand would somewhat determine the proper angle of the pool cue and table:

Hand studies in my sketchbook.

With the left hand mostly complete, I opened the sasquatch on a bike illustration and deleted the bike. Then I dropped in a rectangle as a placeholder for the pool table so that I could figure out my angle and plane of view. Once that was set, I started moving around shapes, such as hands and arm details:

See the faint lines of the pool table? The cue is also a simple reference line at this point. Putting the pieces together in this step.

After placement of bits and pieces came together, I printed the patchwork illustration so that I could do my usual work of tracing over my own artwork so as to make changes, additions, etc. I continued with massaging the lines with my pencil, then going over everything in Illustrator for final positioning and line thickness work:

Tracing my artwork with pencil, figuring out fur details, line thickness, etc.


This sasquatch got a brand new foot!

Check this out (below). I put the two sasquatches together so you can compare differences from the original bike character to what became the pool player. Top one is bike and bottom is pool. On the bottom pool one, the head is tilted, arm outstretched with the new hand, a new right hand was drawn to hold the cue, the new foot, new leg placement, and I stuck out his backside a bit more so that he can really lean into the shot:
A couple weeks went by to the point where I was just finalizing the shading on the sasquatch pool player when a couple traveling from San Francisco happened by the market. We chatted with them for a bit about their journey as they looked around at our shirts. They got a kick out of the sasquatch character doing his many activities, and – get this – asked if we happened to have a sasquatch playing pool! Kris and I burst out laughing because we had literally just finished talking about the progress on my illustration of just such a thing. And honestly, the odds of someone asking for a sasquatch playing pool on a shirt seemed pretty slim. We had to do it! Knowing that we were just a couple days away from printing the team shirts, we offered to print an extra and mail the sasquatch to their address in San Francisco upon completion. The only difference is Kris would remove the team name from the single shirt and any that he will print going forward.

Pencil work for shading going on here. Almost done!


Complete! Here he is on the shirt fabric. Playing pool in the trees.

Upon completion of the design, we mailed the shirts to their new homes; six sasquatches went up to play pool in the frozen North, while one went to play pool in the sunny South! We received emails from both parties saying that the shirts all arrived safe and sound, and everyone was thrilled. Happiness! Even more happiness is we have developed a really nice online friendship with the folks from Fort St. John. Their positive feedback and encouragement is much appreciated, and I’m looking forward to seeing them again one day at the market. In fact, some members of our sasquatch family are preparing to migrate up North to hopefully find new homes!
Stay tuned, friends …

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