Sasquatch Camping!

Camping! I’ve gotta be honest and get straight to the point: I don’t like camping. Big nope. I don’t particularly like bugs and I hate being cold. There is nothing worse than waking up in a freezing tent being attacked by a rogue mosquito. We spend half our lives working for a mortgage, yet opt to spend weekends sleeping in a tent or camper in the mud hahaha. But that’s another post for another time.

That being said, I do like the part of camping where it involves sitting beside a fire in the woods. It’s cozy and spooky at the same time. The warmth of the fire is so lovely; the darkness and unknown of the surrounding forest is a bit unnerving … something about that combo is oddly cozy, isn’t it?

Anyway, I had a sudden thought one day to draw a sasquatch camping and sitting fireside! Why not? He lives in the woods and probably likes to warm up once in a while. And he shall be roasting a marshmallow. I thought the marshmallow felt like a fun and somewhat innocent thing for the sasquatch to be doing. So many people around our area enjoy camping, so I thought they would be able to relate to the sasquatch having a bit of cozy solitude. As I recall, I had been looking at our design of the sasquatch doing yoga and the idea of camping suddenly clicked to mind. I just needed to skew his seating position a bit and add a fire. As usual, the actual artwork turned out to be a much bigger procedure than initially thought. I didn’t mind, though, as this is a lot of fun for me.


Sasquatch Yoga Lotus was the inspiration for camping.

To start, the seating position of the sasquatch had to be skewed a little sideways to allow space for the fire. If I had put the fire directly in front of the sasquatch yoga design, it would have significantly blocked him from view. With that in mind, I had to turn his body a bit by moving the legs around a little, which meant I had to draw new legs, which meant I had to draw new feet! Hmm, things were starting to snowball.

It was at this point that I realized the yoga drawing wasn’t going to help much, aside from being a cross-legged inspiration. After sifting through my growing catalogue of sasquatch illustrations, I discovered I could borrow a bunch of stuff from the sasquatch fishing design! I was able to use the hands, plus most of the left arm, though I did make some subtle changes to the fur. In fact, the whole upper body and arms were borrowed from the Sasquatch fishing, but some slight changes were necessary to make the posture work as I wanted. Again, it’s not quite as easy as copying and pasting one body to the next – I do have to move things, add/subtract, redraw here and there to make it work. And I still had to come up with a solution for those feet!


I managed to use most of the upper body of the Sasquatch Fishing, though I did make some small changes.


Here you can see where I sketched with my pencil on top of crossed legs and feet that I had drawn elsewhere. If you zoom in, you can see I frequently write myself notes or instructions.


Closeup of a note to remind myself to move his back, legs, feet to the left and to straighten his left forearm.

The feet! Okay, the feet definitely had to be reworked to fit this particular pose. And I feel the feet are very important with these drawings because, well, he’s a bigfoot! I couldn’t use the yoga lotus feet because they are an upside down, inverted, tucked kinda thing. I wanted a less flexible Sasquatch haha. Turns out I happen to have a completed illustration of a Sasquatch that hasn’t seen the light of day yet, so I stole his feet and made a couple necessary changes. I will probably bring out the never-before-seen Sasquatch in the future… just have to wait for the right timing – I think you’ll find him entertaining. For the time being, you can see his modified feet haha. I must say I ended up being very thankful about the feet because they are, in my opinion, the best feet I have drawn to date!


Here are the feet that I stole from the currently unseen illustration. The best feet ever.

Fire! I like fire. So does the Sasquatch. The size of the fire in the drawing had to be big enough to allow for detail, but not so big as to overwhelm everything. I started with drawing the logs in a teepee fashion, but something about it didn’t feel right. I just didn’t like it, so I decided to go for a more ‘traditional’ way of logs on fire – the kind of thing you see in cartoons all the time where the logs are flat on the ground. In my experience, that kind of thing doesn’t burn very well, but in the land of cartoons, anything goes. Then I added my own style with details, line thickness, and shading. Same with the fire — I didn’t want the actual fire to be too bold and overpowering, so I used fewer lines and more shading to give it some heat.


Here’s the first fire I drew. I didn’t like this one, so opted to draw another. I think it was just too busy with all the rocks and clutter. Simple is better.


New fire sketch! This is much better.



Here’s a bit of a closeup of the sasquatch roasting his marshmallow. You can see the tent and a couple trees in the background … subtle details.


Here’s the finished design on a shirt!

Finally, I added a tent, some trees, and a crescent moon for overall mood. In fact, it was at this point that I realized I should have designed this for a black shirt! Dammit! So that’s in the plans now, which means I have to sort of reverse my thinking and rework a couple things.

As usual, stay tuned…




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One comment on “Sasquatch Camping!
  1. Janet says:

    I love camping. (I have ways of managing cold and bugs.) I need this shirt. I also love reading the process as you create your works of art, and I love your writing voice!!!

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