Read on to learn the significance of this magic number!

Yesterday was the final day of the 2019 outdoor farmers’ market in Kamloops. This market season was also our 8th year as a vendor.

It’s always a little sad when the market season ends. Actually, it’s more mixed emotions for me (Kurt) and I’m sure Kris feels the same way. I like spending summer mornings in the school yard with family and friends, and I find myself missing the market as winter progresses. But at the same time, it is a nice break — the last few markets of the season are usually pretty cool and unpredictable as far as the weather goes. For instance, yesterday featured surprise wind gusts, which makes selling shirts more like a strategic loss prevention/rescue operation. For our grand finale, all three of the fully loaded shirt racks we had set up blew over at once. We had one fatality, as the rack crashed down and punctured a hole in one of the shirts. With only about 20 minutes left on the clock, we decided to pull the plug early and pack up before having to chase shirts down the street like a couple of fools. Perhaps I should shift gears and start selling kites later in the season. Crock of Kite?

As a side note — and some of you might know this — I hate wind more than any other part of weather. Wind is stupid.

Anyway, we closed out the 2019 season on a positive note – the final tally for total shirts sold at the market for this season came in at 365! That is a season record. I think that number speaks to the fun we are having while providing a quality product with designs that people connect with. Whether the shirts were intended for personal wear or to be given as gifts, we were able to provide many laughs, spark up some interesting conversations, and make new friends. We met a lot of new people alongside returning customers this season – to those folks and anyone else who has purchased our shirts in the past, we thank you.

More ideas are brewing! Stay tuned …

Wear a shirt that you love! Crock of Shirt was born to share our passion for drawing and printing quality shirt designs. .

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