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Something New With the Old to Make More

Well, the seemingly endless quest to make a breakthrough with our shirt venture has brought us to another intersection of trial and error. Hopefully this won’t be an error. We have decided to try a new format for our blog,

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Shirts on a Frozen Lake

How do t-shirts relate to ice racing? Hmm. Well, our latest design features a couple of ice racers. Also, I assume the ice racers at the race would be wearing t-shirts under all their winter gear, though I’m not sure.

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You Win Some, You Lose Some

This past weekend was one we were anticipating all summer. We were looking forward to the large crowds at the three-day rodeo/fair that we were participating at as a vendor. A new shirt designed specifically for reveal at the event

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New Pants

I wonder what it’s like to be a new pair of pants. Life starts out innocently enough, surrounded by your friends on a shelf or hanging from a rack in a store. Everything is going well until someone comes in

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