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Rectal pill. Suppository. What the fuck? Who thought of that idea? It just seems like an unspoken prank among doctors. You know, ’cause the majority of people will believe whatever their doctor says, the doctors can get away with it.

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Something New With the Old to Make More

Well, the seemingly endless quest to make a breakthrough with our shirt venture has brought us to another intersection of trial and error. Hopefully this won’t be an error. We have decided to try a new format for our blog,

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Cat Lick

Have you ever watched a cat after it takes a drink? It’s funny. Go find a cat and watch. If you can’t find a cat, go buy one. They’re cheap. The tongue action is amazing. I’ve watched my cat after

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Facing the Fear

I’m a fairly quiet guy. I tend to stay relatively quiet until I get to know people. It’s safe that way and prevents me from looking like a donkey if I say something inappropriate. Then again, when I do get

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