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Wall Snot

One thing I notice from time to time is wall snot. Wall snot usually seems to take place above a urinal. I have found wall snot in a few places, some of which seem more unlikely than others. The place

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I use both hands to create all of my graphics. I use my left hand for pencil sketching and hand-printed work. I then transfer my sketches into the computer to be used as guide layers so I can manually trace

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About Saturday on Friday

The majority of this was written on Friday, but I didn’t finish it until Sunday. The primary excuse for not posting this on Friday is I typed it out on the laptop, which was hijacked by the kids when I

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One thing I’ve never agreed with were tests in school that were to be like, 40 questions long and each of the 40-odd questions had sub-questions. For instance, question #1: If Jake threw a rock at 40 km/h at a

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