Short and Sweet

So, one of my creative friends has been periodically picking at me to meet with one of her creative friends (Janet) for the better part of six years. Like, this has been an ongoing thing for the better half of a decade. I’m now writing this because it has finally happened hahaha.

Janet read one of my recent posts (Jekyll and Hyde-ish) and something about it moved her in such a way that she asked if we could meet for a coffee to chat. I like coffee. I also like to chat (sometimes). We talked about art, creativity, and the challenges of being a creative person in an environment that can be creatively stifling. The discussion we had was very uplifting for both of us. I could see her mood elevate when I encouraged her to take a chance and send some of her work to someone she’s been wanting to present to. My mood was elevated when she complimented my artwork and suggested that I absolutely push forward (with Crock of Shirt).

Push forward? Yup. Sometimes we need a little push or a reminder to keep motivated. Sometimes we just need to hear the encouragement from someone. Hearing encouragement and positive feedback from someone outside of your immediate circle is valuable because you can pretty much be sure it’s not bullshit.

Anyway, this was a short post, but one I felt had to be written. Thank you, Janet.

Stay tuned, friends…

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2 comments on “Short and Sweet
  1. Janet says:

    Thank you, Kurt! The letters are written, I’m packaging the book up tonight – because it’s Hallowe’en and that makes things just a bit more magical. So awesome to spend time with you! Finally!! And how cool our mutual friend happened to see us!! Thanks to September, as well!

  2. Janet says:

    Wow, that’s a lot of exclamation marks.

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